The Antigua
Curry Club

Founded 2007

2019 is our 13th year

Any questions? 
Please call our India Call Center at 7832-8466. 

Welcome to the Antigua Curry Club


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on 10/13/19

August 2019: A campaign to recruit several new Antigua Curry Club members, flyers inserted in Prensa Libre.  Click on the images below to see the flyer.

Please clisk in the image to see the Prensa Libre flyer

Please clisk on the image to see the Prensa Libre flyer Our Locations:
Cafe Rocio,
Thai 7832-1871, 6a Avenida Norte #34
2368-3047, La Noria, 10a Avenida 12-30, Zoona 14
J.K.Ming 2320-0880, Plaza Fontabella, 4a Ave 12-59, Z 10, Guatemala
J.K.Ming, 2312-4936, Majadas Once
Little India, 5636-0682, 18a Calle, Blvd. Los Proceres, 8-50, Z.10
Mulan, 4150-3788, 5a Calle Poniente #4, 7832-1031
Pushkar, 7979-7848, 7882-4098, 6a Avenida Norte #18
Tikka Masala, 4462-0108, Edificiio G1, Local 106, Ciudad Cayala
Tres Elefantes, 2218-3151, Via 4 1-00, Zona 4, Guatemala 
Meetings:  After 6:30 p.m. 4th Thursday of the month
                                   (unless some other Thursday)
Antigua Curry Club Members:

The Antigua Curry Club Debenture - a transferable Stock Certificate, a long term investment, with immediate benefits: eating curry!

The Antigua Curry Club
Stock Certificate...

... the HOTTEST
investment available
in Antigua!


2019 is our 13th year!

September 20-27,
Antigua Curry Club London 2, join us!

November 14-15,
Antigua Curry Club XELA, join us!

August 2019: 
Hilda Rodgers and her mom Sarah, join the Antigua Curry Club. Also, Maria Streicher joins as a member!  Welcome! 
The two membership re-sales will  finance a "liquid dividend" of some bottles of wine at the next dinner. 
Membership price holds at the record Q350 of the past seven resales. 

January 2019: 
Judith Shorrocks buys a Club membership from Kathy Rose, who has moved to Washington D.C. and has donated the proceeds of the sale to the Club for a "Liquid Dividend" in the shape of some bottles of wine at "Cerveceria 14". 

April 2018: 
Hermann Girón joins the Curry Club from Guatemala City.

January 2017:
 John Mann joins the Club from Ciudad Vieja.  His Q350 membership goes to finance prizes at the "Pot Luck Dinner" ... bottles of wine for winners and judges.  Thank you, Mary Ann Anderson for selling your membership!

September 2017:  The Antigua Curry Club New York
was great, see photos.

June 2016:  The Antigua Curry Club London
was good fun.  See photos.

CURRY IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!  Read the new summary from Prensa Libre, August 17, 2014

Jan 2013:
New branch of The Curry Club opens on Long Island, NY!

... An extra benefit for Antigua Curry Club Members was discovered, free with your membership,  by our Korean branch office:

CURRY ... A Medical Miracle points out that curry fights against Cancer, Alzheimer's, as well as diabetes.  Please click for details. And so, eat curry every day ... stay healthy!

... from our Scottish research office, headed by Ken Veronda, comes the important news about Chicken Tikka Masala ... it's really a Scottish dish, invented in Glasgow!

If you spot important Curry News, please share it with the Club!
Next Club sessions:
1 Letty Manne ... Q300
2 Tomas Cernikovsky ... Q1
3 Vince deGarlais  ... Q1
4 Lesley Pierce  ... Q1
5 Sarah Cohen ... Q1
6 Hilda Rodgers ... Q350
7 Michael Hopkins ... Q1
8 Sylvia Jauregui ... Q100
9 Audrey Buderus ... Q200 to AWARE
10 Cynthia Liskey ... Q1
11 Margaret Hansen ... Q300
12 Maria Streicher ... Q350
13 Sara Saint-Simon ... Q1
14 Linda Champagne ... Q200
15 Ginger Hooven ... Q350 to TESS & Compañía Para Cirugia
16 Jack Leeth ... Q1
17 Judith Shorrocks ... Q350
18 Gail Terzuola ... Q1
19 Norma Gifford ... Q1
20 Vincent d'Agati ... Q300
21 Ken Veronda ... Q800 garden in memory of Bill & Liz Paddock
22 Kevin Roche ... Q800 garden in memory of Bill & Liz Paddock
23 Maria Elena Bendix de Seidl ... Q50
24 Lorraine Duncan ... Q295
25 Jim Mast ... Q5
26 Judy Gibbons ... Q5
27 Jeremy Bangay ... Q300
28 Andrea Hunt ... Q300
29 Ira Lewis ... Q5
30 Linda Walters ... Q5
31 Ricardo Frohmader ... Q295
32 Julio Girón ... Q300
33 Thomas Fouke ... Q220
34 Marina Cabezas ... Q220
35 Paul Nemecek ... Q220
36 Bruce Eldine Morton ... Q350, half to Compañía Para Cirugia
37 Frank Peterson ... Q5
38 Ileana Gibbs ... Q300
39 Peter Meyer ... Q250
40 Martha Dugan ... Q250 
41 Raul Montenegro ... Q250
42 Judy Sadlier ... Q25
43 Hermann Girón ... Q350
44 Mike Foster ... Q220
45 Dianne Carofino ... Q25
46 George Carofino ... Q25
47 John Mann ... Q350
48 John Chudy ... Q25
49 Steve Olson ... Q200
50 Karen White ... Q275

Honorary Member:  Ana Livingston Paddock
2019, our 13th year:
... Sep 20-27 ... The Antigua Curry Club London 2! 
... Oct 30, Bus trip to Santo Domingo in Zona 1 Guatemala.  The annual "Mes del Rosario" now offers an art exhibition (everything for sale), a tour of the church and towers, drinks in the cloister at the Pan American Cafe especially for the Curry Club then dinner at new "Pattaya" Thai in La Noria.
... Nov 14-15 ... The Antigua Curry Club XELA.  Dinner at "Sabor de la India" and a tour of the Botran Museum.  Please sign up if you want to join us. 19 people going so far, only a few spaces left.
... Dec 12 The fourth Thursday of the month would be Christmas, so an early curry club dinner at the new "Thai - Wow!"
... Jan 23 at "Annie & Felix" in Cerveceria 14, Ciudad Vieja
... Feb 20, Antigua Curry Club "Pot Luck Dinner" @ Tomas & Lorraine's house.  Please start planning what to bring!
Members of the Antigua Curry Club are required to purchase a membership debenture.  All 50 were sold in the 2007 I.P.O. (regulated by the SECC*) 

You can still join this prestigious club by buying a membership from an existing Member. The Club can usually find a Membership available for resale.  If you would like to sell yours for a profit, please call our India Call Center at 7832-8466 or write
Market Latest Bid Q???/Offer Q350.  32 of the original 50 memberships have been re-sold since we started, eleven of them twice, two of them three times!

Membership benefits include eating curry, learning more about Indian food and a seat at Curry Club meetings and the right to bring a guest.  A free benefit:  big social status attached to being a Member of the Antigua Curry Club.  Only important Antigua people belong and only important Antigua people can buy memberships.

Q & A:  How does it work?
  It is very simple.
1. You buy a Membership if the Club approves the resale.  
2. The Membership card works like a Car title ... the original member signs the membership over to you.
3. You come to a Club meeting.
4. You eat curry, enjoy a chat with fellow Club members and your dinner, pay your bill and plan for another session. 

 Value of investments may go up or down.  The Antigua Curry Club is not responsible for financial losses sustained by curry eaters.  The Curry Club Debentures market is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Curry Commission (SECC).  Complete Club Rules and Regulations are still not available, because the Club's lawyer never finished them in 2007, but we keep making them up as we go.

Archive of many menus, with descriptions of dishes:
... Aug 22, Cafe Rocio, Thai curry, see menu
... July 25, a bus trip, drinks courtesy of Julio & Margie in Z. 14, "Little India", see
the menu
... June 27, Pushkar, see the menu
.... May 23, JennyStar Curry club bus trip, drinks courtesy of Julio & Margie in Zona 14 and dinner at "Everest" in La Noria.  See menu.
... Feb 28 ... "Annie & Felix" at "Cerveceria 14".
see menu and map
... Jan 17, Indian "Pot Luck" dinner at the house of Club member Sylvia Jauregui in San Pedro el Alto
... Nov 29, bus trip to Ricardo and Meriko's for drinks and the new "Tikka Masala" in Ciudad Cayala. See menu.
... November 14, bus trip to Lorraine's for drinks and
Indian Food Festival at Clarion Suites.
... Nov 5, Indian Food Festival, with chef Maroj in my house, 35 people for dinner.
... Oct 25, bus trip, drinks at Margie & Julio's, then "Tres Elefantes"
See menu.
... Aug 23, Pushkar ... Vegetarian and non vegetarian Thali

... July 26, Cafe Rocio,
see menu
... May 24, "Little India, El Sabor de la India", a new restaurant, Los Proceres.
... Apr 26, Caoba Farms, with Felix.  A "Liquid Dividend", courtesy of Klaus Niemann, who sold his Club membersbhip to Hermann Girón.  See menu.
... Jan 25 ... Indian Pot Luck dinner at the house of Tomas & Lorraine. See menu here.


.. Nov 14 ... 11 a.m. Indian kebabs lunch at my house with Indian chef, "Food Stylist", Varun Inamdar. FREE.    See photos of the event and Varun's impressions of Antigua.
... Nov 15 ... bus trip.  Drinks at Julio & Margie Giron's house.  Dinner at Clarion Suites, final night of famed chef Varun Inamdar' exhibition tour of Guatemala.  See menu.  He's cooked for Obama, Sarkozy, Putin, Queen Rania of Jordan and now for us.

... Oct 1-7 ... The Antigua Curry Club New York! with a side trip To Connecticut ... lobster at the Carofinos
... June 22, bus trip to the city. Plaza Fontabella and "Tres Elefantes" See menu.
... May 25
@ Caoba Farms with Felix, see menu
... April 27 @ Pushkar, see menu
... Feb 23 ... bus trip, drinkies at Lorraine's and the new "Everest" in La Noria, in Guatemala City, see menu
... Jan 12 The Antigua Curry Club began its 11th year with an "Indian Pot Luck Dinner" at the new home of Judy Sadlier & Gene Budinger 


... Nov 17 @ Caoba Farms, see photo from this dinner there
and the menu.
... Oct 27  Pushkar menu
... Sep 29 Cafe Rocio menu
... Aug 25 Mulan ... see Menu.
... July 28 Caoba Farms ... Felix's Menu see photo this there
... June 5-12, 2016 ... Antigua Curry Club London, dinners in Brick Lane &  in Britain's oldest Indian restaurant, Veeraswamy, theaters, museums ... see photos
... April 21, NEW @ Cafe Flor,
see menu
... Feb 11, Indian "Pot Luck dinner" @ the house of Maria Elena & Werner Seidl, with the largest menu yet.

... Jan 14, Pushkar Menu
... Nov 12, trip to Casa MIMA with cocktails, dinner at the new J.K.Ming in Majadas Once.  See J.K. Ming menu
... Oct 8   see new Pushkar menu

... Aug 14, trip to the Museo del Prado exhibit in Parque Centenario, "Chicago", the musical, in Teatro LUX, a (non-curry) dinner in Cafe Saul. 
See details
... Jul 23, visit to the Congress of Guatemala, Museum de San Carlos,   dinner @ Azafran (see menu)
... Jun 25 Thai, Cafe Rocio menu
... Mar 26
Thai, Cafe Rocio menu
... Feb 26 Pushkar menu
... Jan 22
Indian "Pot Luck dinner" menu

... Dec 11 Christmas Curry @ Palacio de Ganesh
... Nov 13 Bus to Museo de Arte Moderno, dinner at KhawpKhunKha
... Oct 23 Pushkar menu
... Oct 9
  Palacio de Ganesh menu
... Jul 24  Pushkar menu
... Jul 10  Cafe Rocio menu
... Jun 26
Palacio de Ganesh menu
... Jun 12
Pushkar menu

... May 8 Palacio de Ganesh menu
... Apr 24 Cafe Rocio menu
... Feb 27 Bus trip to Oakland Mall, dinner @ J.K. Ming
... Feb 13 Palacio de Ganesh menu
... Jan 23
Pushkar menu
Dec 13 Pushkar menu

Nov 9  "Zaffron & Turmeric"
Oct 25 Thai curry ... menu
Oct 11 Wokco menu
Sep 27 Pushkar menu
Aug 23 Pushkar menu
Aug 9  "Pot luck" Indian dinner

Jul 12  Pushkar menu
Jun 28 Thai curry ... menu
May 24 Pushkar
May 10 Pushkar menu
Apr 26  "Zaffron & Turmeric"
Apr 12  Pushkar menu
Feb 23 Thai curry ... menu
Feb 9  Pushkar menu
Jan 12
Abbasi menu
Nov 14 Abbassi Antigua
Oct 24  Indian "pot luck dinner"

Sep 19 El Palacio de Ganesh
Aug 8   Indian "pot luck dinner"
Jul 25   Cafe Rocio menu
Jun 13  El Palacio de Ganesh
May 23 Abbasi menu
Apr 25  Pushkar menu
Apr 11  Wokco menu
Mar 14  El Palacio de Ganesh
Feb 14  Indian "pot luck" Part II
Jan 24  Indian "pot luck" dinner
Jan 10 
Pushkar menu
Dec 8  Pushkar menu
Oct 27 Pushkar menu
Sep 22 Pushkar menu
Sep 8  Abbasi, tandoori
Aug 11 Abbassi menu
Jul 28  Pushkar menu
Jul 14  Abbasi menu

Jun 23  Pushkar menu
Jun 9   Abbasi menu
May 12 Abbasi menu
Apr 28  Pushkar menu
Mar 24  Pushkar menu
Feb 24 Thai menu
Jan 27 "Pangea" menu
Dec  9 Pushkar menu
Nov 11 Pushkar menu
Oct 14 Pushkar menu
Sep 23 Pushkar menu
Aug 26 Pushkar menu
Aug 12 Zaika menu
Jul 22 Pushkar menu
Jul 8   Zaika

Jun 24  Pushkar menu
May 27 menu
May 13 menu
Apr 22 menu
Mar 25 menu
Feb 25 menu
Jan 28  menu
Jan 14 
Thai menu
Dec 10 menu
Nov 12 menu
Oct 22 menu
Aug 27 menu
Aug 13 menu
Jul 23, Thai menu
Jul  9  menu
Jun 25 menu
April 9 menu
Mar 26 menu
Jan 22
Dec 11 menu
Nov 13 menu
Oct  9  menu
Sep 25 menu
   9/11 menu
Aug 28 menu
Aug 14 menu
Jul 24  menu
May 22 menu
May  8 menu
Apr 24 menu
Apr 10

If, between Curry Club sessions, you have the urge for more Indian food, you are welcome to make repeat visits to Pushkar and ask for Alejandro the owner or Haroldo the chef.  Click here for the Pushkar menu, which will open as a PDF document.