The Antigua Curry Club Meeting   January 23, 2020


"Indian Pot Luck Dinner" @ Sylvia Jauregui's house at 3 p.m.

January 23 Indian pot Luck Dinner Judges of the competition:  Sylvia Jauregui, Margie Giron, Ginger Hooven
    The list of nominated dishes in the competition:
Jeremy & Sonia Bangay 2 Curried Eggs
Cynthia Burski & Nathan Liskey 2 Lentil Patties, Mango Chutney
Tomas Cernikovsky & Lorraine Duncan 2 Cucumber Raita, Onion Salad, Chutneys, Wine
Linda Champagne 1 Eggplant Bharta
John Chudy & Mary Anne Anderson 2 Channa Dhal (chickpeas), Naan
Sarah Cohen 1 Naan gluten free
Martha Dugan 1 Wine
M & M Foster 2 Cardamom Ice Cream
Thomas Fouke 1 Beer
Ricardo & Meriko Frohmader 2 South Indian Vegetable Curry
Jimmy & Ileana Gibbs 2 Wine
Norma Gifford 1 Broccoli
Margie & Julio Giron 2 Audrey's Beef Tikka Masala (in her honor) and Curry Rice Croquettes
Malcolm and Moncy Gribble 2 Tandoor Chicken, Papaya Chutney, Gin
Ginger Hooven + 2 3 Navratan Korma ("nine gems"), Fragrant Bamati Rice
Mike Hopkins 1 Wine
Andrea Hunt 1 Kachumber Salad
Sylvia Jauregui & Antonia 2 Poppadoms, Rice
Stephanie Luttman & Vince d'Agati + 4 6 Chana Masala (vegetarian) and brown rice with lentils.  Pistachio Cake.
Martha & Jim Mast 2 Lassi
Richard Millard 1 Chicken Saag
Frank & Linda Peterson 4 Lamb Korma   
Steve & Maricela Olson 2 Thai Green Chicken Curry
Lesley Pierce 1 Pork Korma
Marion Popenoe 1 coming as a guest
Suzanne & Kevin Roche 2 ???
Hilda Rodgers 2 Rice
Judy Sadlier, Gene Budinger 2 Cardamom Cookies
Maria Elena & Werner Seidl 2 Samosas
Maria Streicher 1 Peas with Cumin
Karen White 1 Chicken Curry
Total 55



Anyone else?  Please call our India Call Center at 7832-8466

A couple of Antigua Curry Club memberships are for sale! 

People moving to the U.S. and Canada.  Please join us! 

2020:  14 years of "Antigua Curry Club".


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