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November 2004 - Giant kites - "Barrilettes gigantes" in Sumpango Sacatepeques ....

... and November 2003 - the kites in Santiago Sacatepeques.

Fuego explosion
8th January 2003

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Tomas, Barbara, Jennifer & David Cernikovsky

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad 2003
and a Happy New Year 2004 !     
¡Feliz Año Nuevo 2004! 

We hope to see you in Antigua

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2004 !

How are you? 
Here is our news, with big changes in our life in 2003.

Our three-year project to move to the colonial Spanish town of Antigua, in the mountains of Guatemala, finished with a long drive from Prattsville to Antigua in July. We now live in Guatemala.

Barbara & Tomas

After a holiday in Antigua, we bought a property in 2000.  We started building in 2001, a new,  “Antigueño”, colonial style house.   
In 2002, when our house was finished, Tomas bought a 48’ tractor-trailer, transported our possessions to Antigua, and has lived here since. 

Meanwhile, Barbara and Jennifer moved to our house in  the Catskill Mountains, so Jenny could graduate from high school.  Finally, this July, we repeated the big trip.  This time, we took our old Mazda MPV, bought a new VW diesel wagon and drove down with Barbara, Tomas, Jennifer, Sona, our Armenian exchange student, and Sammy, our 1-year-old Shiatsu/Maltese.   We drove 4,600 miles in 16 days, with interesting stops in Louisiana, Texas, Mexico City, the Palenque Mayan ruins and San Cristobal de las Casas in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.  Since then we’ve sold the Mazda … on the trip, it used up $460 of gas, while the VW Jetta used only $106 of diesel!  

Sona, from Armenia, was here in August, learning Spanish and then returned to Yerevan, the same time as we went to New York to drive David, with his stuff, to another year at the University of Rochester.             (go to part 2)

  Since then, we have been back in Antigua, Barbara and Jennifer learning Spanish.  We have completed the “commercial” house in front, but instead of renting it as shops, we decided to rebuild the shops into two more rental apartments.  We already have two apartments rented out and by February, new tenants will move into the two additional units.  All four will then be rented out long-term.  We still have three shops in the street,  one rented out, one waiting for Jenny’s DVD rental shop and one to rent out.

Antigua  is the "City of Eternal Spring”. Streets are cobblestone.  It has many churches and monasteries.  We have already told you all that last year, but it struck us again last weekend, as we wandered around in our short sleeves, in glorious sunny weather, listening to several of the 11 different Christmas concerts going on around town, in front of 400 year-old buildings.

Barbara was busy in Prattsville the past year, running the Zadock Pratt Museum and making sure Jennifer graduated.  Now she is here in Antigua, learning Spanish, with a teacher visiting us those afternoons that Barbara does not play bridge at various neighbors’ homes.   

We are exploring many restaurants of Antigua.  Barbara is managing our large new house, with the added help of two full-time cleaning ladies and a gardener.  Tomas has now installed, with the help of neighbors, over 100 small gardens around the trees in the Alameda Santa Lucia, in front of our “casa” (house).   You can see the gardening project, and our house, at:

Jennifer & David

Jennifer (20), graduated from high school, proud of her diploma, and with an enormous graduation party in Prattsville in early July. She is now here in Antigua, in her own apartment.  She goes to Spanish school daily and is making progress.  With her new friend Monica, they spend weekends cooking, shopping, sightseeing around town, eating out, having a good time.  In 2004, we hope to open “Jenny *” DVD rental. 

(go to part 3)

David (19) is in his second year at the University of Rochester, 4 hours by car from Prattsville, in the very cold north in New York State. It’s an excellent national university and  David is trying out various subjects to figure out what he would like to study and seems inclined toward psychology, psychiatry, or brain cognitive sciences, a UR specialty.   He has made the Dean’s list and that pleases us no end!  In the summer, he again worked as a lifeguard at the New York Power Authority’s Minekill pool near Prattsville.  With a college friend, he also visited us here in Antigua.


After arriving here in July, we traveled around Guatemala in August … a fascinating country, with many surprises … wonderful sights, first class hotels, even a mini-Disneyland.  Since the big drive south, we have been in Prattsville in August, October and November.  We made two trips to London, one at Easter, when we again met with Sona from Armenia and went to Paris for a week.  We just came back from London early in December.  We are writing from Delaware, while visiting Barbara’s parents for an early Christmas and will spend the holidays in Prattsville, with the kids and grandma Sasha, who is arriving from Germany.  We will be in Antigua for the New Year, when the Antigueños make an enormous town-wide street party with music, fireworks and crowds.

When the last of the apartments are constructed, we are planning to set out on more travels … first of all around Guatemala, then to Cuba and around Central and South America.  We plan a London trip in the Spring and a long trip to Italy in October: our 25th anniversary. 

Our new life in Antigua is wonderful.  Please tell us about yours.  Please do plan to visit us here … it is “Spring” all year round, except in “Winter” from May to November, when sometimes it rains and in the “summer”, from November to May, when it does not rain and we need to water flowers every day.  


Feliz Navidad ... Tomas, Barbara, Jennifer & David



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