Bienvenidos a Alameda Santa Lucia Norte #12, Antigua, Guatemala

Alameda Santa Lucia Photos



Here are some photos of our house,
at #12 Avenida Sta.Lucia
in Antigua, Guatemala.

A guest took this photo in November 2004.

The garden has grown rapidly. 

Down here, in Antigua, we have only two seasons: 
"summer", from November to May, when it is warm and does not rain, so flowers have to be watered often,
followed by "winter", from May to November, when sometimes it does rain and flowers grow faster.


This is our courtyard and house, in November 2004.

It is very green and has flowers and plants everywhere, in the garden, on the terraces, on the roof.

This site served, originally, to convey our ideas and images to the Antigua architect, while we lived in New York and commuted down.  Please forgive some of the remaining construction photos and designs, while we change the site just to show friends and family what our new house looks like.

July 2002 Hola!

Here are some photos of our house, now pretty much completed,
at #12 Avenida Sta.Lucia
in Antigua, Guatemala.

This page is for invited guests
to see the progress.  

Barbara took this photo in July 2002.

Flowers started growing at that time, and we were putting finishing touches on the house and decorating.  It would take more than a year for the ivy to grow all the way up the wall around the fountain, and some time for the other plants, bougainvilleas, "collares de la reina" - the orange "necklace of the queen" and the blue "kishtan" to drop a long way down the wall to meet the ivy.

Barbara started a formal garden in October 2002. 

Progress has been fast since we started in May 2001. 

This photo shows the site in April 2002.

Meanwhile, in January 2002, we started to demolish most of the existing commercial front, and by 2003, the commercial area was built, with shops in the street and a courtyard with rental apartments.  
Hello from Antigua ! This was in February 2002,
the whole family visiting the site.

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This was in November 2001

Notice that in most of these photos the same hill is in the background, showing progress from the same vantage point in each photo.

As you can see, the site was busy in  October 2001..

To see what it looked like just a few months ago in August and in July 2001, click here.

Our plan was to complete the 15,000 sq.ft. complex - with the house in the back and apartments & shops at the street-front in late 2002.

Starting the project in June 2001! (Same hilltop behind all shots) 

There was nothing here before we started building.


Barbara is front of the existing house, with plans for flower planters up and down the alameda.

This is what we said in 2002:

"Eventually, we will landscape Avenida Santa Lucia to be the prettiest street in town. 

Right now, the flowers are just in Sta.Barbara's computer and her plans, although the first six gardens are now in place in front of our house and a formal project of "jardinizacion de la Alameda" underway, with permission from the Mayor, with our two "guardians" spending nights out as security, and flowers growing. 

We will also be replanting missing trees."

Now the project has become a reality, click here to see how the Alameda has changed.

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Contact:  Tomas & Barbara Cernikovsky