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Throughout the year 2000, we highlight interesting items from Prattsville history.  

This used to be a town where many people from the city spent their summers and they all sent postcards back home ... they also sent postcards to each other  ...

... in the early 1900's, the postcard was the e-mail of the day.  For a green penny stamp, a Ben Franklin - either full face or side view, one could send off a message in the morning: "Let's eat at the hotel tonight".  A confirmation by return mail could arrive in the afternoon, provided the distance was short enough.

The picture postcard might cost five cents or less, but to really trim the budget, one could use a government postcard at a total of one cent, card and postage.  Naturally, all first class mail went this fast, speeding up business transactions in downtown New York City, where the mail was actually delivered three times a day.  In Prattsville, it came twice a day.

Printing of the postcards was done in Germany before World War One and locally after that. 
All postcards are from collection of Milton Ballard, owner of Shirley´┐Żs Restaurant on Main Street in Prattsville.

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Snapshots in time - Remembering the Town of Prattsville through postcards ... Part 3 ... go to Part 2  ...  go to Part 1

Prattsville Cornet Band - click to return to postcard collection
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Proposed Prattsville Dam - click to return to postcard collection
Proposed Prattsville Dam site.  
In the early 1920's the completed New York City water supply Gilboa Dam flooded the valley, 
covering the town of Gilboa and the Devasego Falls
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Graham's Lane, 1912 - click to return to postcard collection

Graham's Lane, Prattsville.
There were many "tourist homes" in Prattsville, one being "The Graham", off Main Street.
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The Graham, Prattsville
A "tourist home" in the early 20th century, later home to Shirley's Pizza.
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Clark's Falls - click to return to postcard collection

Clark's Falls, Prattsville
Note the old sawmill, gone a long time ago.  Later re-named Huntersfield Falls, spectacular in all seasons. 
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Devasego Falls - click to return to postcard collection
Devasego Falls, Prattsville
Popular tourist site, including the Devasego Inn, 
submerged in the early 1920's under the New York City water supply Gilboa Dam.
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Pleasant Home Cottage - click to return to postcard collection
Pleasant Home Cottage, Main Street, Prattsville
One of the many "tourist homes", popular with city visitors in the 1920's and 30's.
Perry Chatfield's family had a similar tourist home - read the story.
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Main Street, Prattsville, 1922 - click to return to postcard collection
Main Street, Prattsville, 1922
Prattsville House on the right. Note the big elms shading Main Street.
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