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Please visit the museum:  you will be guided by expert local tour guides, who will explain the museum's and the area's history and point out items of interest to the whole family.

This page will contain detailed list of the Museum exhibits and a "virtual tour of the museum"

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2.  The Zadock Pratt Museum - Background
3. History of the Zadock Pratt Museum
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This Historic Structures Report was written in 1994 with funding from the Rural New York Program, administered by the Preservation League of New York State.
2.  The Zadock Pratt Museum is an incorporated institution located in the Greene County Town on Prattsville.  It was the home of Zadock Pratt, the 19th century tanner and legislator from 1824 until his death in 1871.  The museum preserves and exhibits approximately 5,000 items:  books and manuscripts, costumes and furniture, artifacts and implements relevant to Zadock Pratt and local and regional history.

The Museum is also a focal point for local activities, exhibitions of art and history, the setting for regular events such as candlelight dinners, re-enactments of historical events such as Revolutionary War local action, and many other events that provide interest to visitors throughout the year as well as a focus for the local community.  Members and guests alike are invited to visit the Museum and to attend and participate in the many events each year.

Support for the Museum is provided by grants, membership, gifts, admission fees, and volunteer effort.  Major financial support has been provided by the Olive B.Lindsey O'Connor Foundation of Hobart, New York.

The Museum was founded as the Zadock Pratt Museum Association in 1959.  Mr Brayton Tompkins a summer resident of the area and Mrs.Hilda Moseman purchased the Pratt House and, in the early 60's, began its rehabilitation. 


Andy Dresser, Pratt Museum director, loften looks after visitors

One of our guides will be happy to show you around and answer all your questions. 

Also, in Spring, Summer and Fall, please visit our Herb Garden !

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