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Please come and visit the museum:  you will be guided by expert local guides, who will explain the museum's and the area's history and point out items of interest to the whole family. 

But, before you come here, you can take a "virtual tour" of the Museum right here and visit rooms at your own pace, just click on the room you would like to visit.
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Visit this Pratt Museum Virtual Tour.  You can click on any room, then see the thumbnail photo of it, but when you click on that, you can see a larger photo of each room.  However, as good as virtual tours are, you will just have to come to Prattsville to visit the Museum in person.  We are looking forward to your visit.

up.gif (155 bytes)   Pratt Room
Picture of Zadock Pratt 
-  Master Tanner, Banker, Congressman and Farmer
Window  -  Pane with GWP was initialized by George Watson Pratt
Tintype  of Zadock Pratt on his favorite horse Prince
Model of Tannery  made in 1976 show how tannery operated
Zadock Pratt portrait in the main room of the Pratt Museum Pratt Room on the ground floor Painting of Prattsville in the mid 1800's ... click on any picture to enlarge !
up.gif (155 bytes)  Hall
Wallpaper  -  Reproduction of original wallpaper found in the hall, reputed to be French (18th Century), reproduced by Katzenbach & Warren for the Williamsburg collection
Portrait of Mary Watson Pratt  -  restored by New York University
Grandfather Clock - Silas Hoadley, Plymouth, CT, circa 1812
Reproduced wallpaper, from the original found here Main hallway and staircase
up.gif (155 bytes)  Living Room
Portrait -  Abigail Watson Pratt and son George at about two-years old
Picture of Susie A.Grimm (Pratts fifth wife), Steinway Piano
Tilt Table, Desk and Stag Inkwell -  all belonged to Zadock Pratt
Pratt's living room lPratt's living room
up.gif (155 bytes)  Dining Room
Mahogany Empire Buffet & Linen Press - allegedly bought for his wife Abigail
Dishes - Flo Blue - English
Dishes with green/gold borders, flowers in center - belonged to Julia Pratt Ingersoll
Pratt's Dining Room, still serves, as do all other rooms, during our Spring and Fall candlelight dinners click to enlarge this view
up.gif (155 bytes)  Kitchen
Red Cupboards - tin lunch pail with cup, metal apple peeler, other utensils
Wooden Box for storing candles (to keep away from mice)
Period stove, skates, foot warmer, blue flour sifter, spice box, etc
Old Pratt House kitchen click to enlarge this view
up.gif (155 bytes)  Bank Rooms/Exhibits
Now used for
exhibitions, such as the 1998 "Prattsville through a Pinhole". 
Bank opened in 1843 with $50,000 invested by Zadock Pratt.  Its notes were backed by 7% on the New York Stock and there was "a correct likeness of Col.Pratt" on each note.  These rooms are in the former bank building.
The Bank room was moved from street corner to be attached to the Museum.  It is often a site for special exhibitions click to enlarge this view
Second Floor
up.gif (155 bytes)  Bedrooms 1 and 3
Blue bedroom suite contains cottage furniture, some of the first "catalog" furniture, it was owned by Zadock Pratt.  The smaller bedroom has period furnishings.  All rooms are decorated for Christmas Museum events.
Blue Bedroom - click to enlarge this view click to enlarge this view
up.gif (155 bytes)  Bedroom 2
Green bedroom was probably Pratt's bedroom since it had a fireplace. 
The green suite was also owned by Zadock Pratt.
click to enlarge this view
up.gif (155 bytes)  Upstairs Hallway
By front window  -  chaise (birdseye maple) 1855 by Jacob Myers, a Huntersfield cabinet maker.   Also an Isaac Searles desk, dated 1866, made at the Searles Furniture factory.
Upstairs hallway, with its "fainting couch" - click to enlarge this view searles1.jpg (113627 bytes)
up.gif (155 bytes)  Nursery
Child's bed and several middle to late 19th century toys, dolls' high chairs.
The nursery is just outside the master bedroom.
Pratt home nursery Nursery - click to enlarge this view
up.gif (155 bytes)  Sunken Bedroom
Rope bed with a rope-bed tightener, straw mattress.  Why do we still say "sleep tight and don't let the bed-bugs bite".   Pratt's family had to make the bed "tight" for a comfortable night's sleep and make sure no bugs were in the straw.  You can see how that was constructed.
click to enlarge this view
up.gif (155 bytes)  Library/Reading Room/Exhibit Room
This was once two rooms, now the reading room.  The old
Larraway coaching inn's original bar has been moved here from the O'Hara's house.
click to enlarge this view larraway1.gif (54891 bytes)

One of our guides will be happy to show you around and answer all your questions. 
Also, in Spring, Summer and Fall,
please visit our Herb Garden !

One of our competent guides will take you around.

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