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What to See ? 

New York Power Authority's 
Blenheim-Gilboa Power Project Visitors Center
view their 2001 program
New York Power Authority's Blenheim-Gilboa
Lansing Manor
Zadock Pratt Museum
... Arkville Steam Railway
... Catskills Corners - World's largest kaleidoscope, shops, restaurants, etc


Minekill State Park
& swimming & diving pools
... Ski Windham
... Horseback riding
... Christman's Golf Course, Windham
... Windham Golf Club
... more to come soon


Reformed Dutch Church Prattsville
... United Methodist Church
... St.Theresa's Church


Prof.J.P.Putter and his fabulous "Gadgetorium"

Other services

Decker Funeral Home Windham
... more to come soon
... more to come soon

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