Pratt Museum Dinners have a long and successful history.  The progressive dinner is now in its fifth year.    This year's dinner took guests houses with plenty of history, while there enjoyed a fabulous meal at all of them.

The 2002 dinner was limited to only 40 guests. 

Started in the late 1970's, there have been two candlelight dinners a year at the Pratt Museum, and since 1997 the summer progressive dinner has been added.   These events are now extremely popular.  Both the people who come to eat, and those who are here to serve enjoy a great evening.  Must reserve !

Start your Historic Progressive Dinner at 6 p.m. with appetizers at the Pratt Museum

July 27, 2002
   6 p.m. at the Pratt Museum

Salads          6:45 p.m. at the Old Manse, now the Parsonage of the Prattsville Reformed Dutch Church, recently the subject of one of this website's history pages.

Enjoy salads at The Old Manse in 1910, now beautifully restored

You can now buy the Museum Dinners Cookbook here or at the Pratt Museum


Pratt Museum Dinners Cookbook of recipes - 1979 to present.

The Museum Dinners Cookbook contains menus and recipes, indexed by year and by category.    

There are 270+ recipes and we will publish updates, containing each year's Spring, Summer and Fall dinner menus.  The Cookbook's 2" ring-binder tabs for recipes through 2002.


Main Course   around 7:30 at the stone, historic Hardenburgh House
Included within the old Hardenburgh Patent, Prattsville was part of the 2,000,000 acres along the Schoharie Valley bought by an agent of Queen Anne of England in 1702.

Enjoy the main course at the historic Hardenburgh House

Desserts     around 8:30 over the Huntesfield Waterfalls
on Washington Street, the home of Barbara and Tomas Cernikovsky
This was, in the 19th century, a furniture factory, also the subject of a recent history feature on our website.
  • Suggested minimum donation $40 per person
    if you give more, everything goes to the Pratt Museum !

  • Seating is limited to 40 !!!  RESERVATION IS A MUST!!!

  • Send check with your reservation to Museum Director, Zadock Pratt Museum, P.O.Box 333 Prattsville, NY 12468

Enjoy desserts over the floodlight Huntersfield Creek Falls

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