4929 Washington Street, (County Rte 10), 1.7 miles above Prattsville, 
Tel. 518-299-3616

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This page has details of the Hideaway Hotel.  Please also look at the Hideaway Restaurant

Tel. 518-299-3616

Welcome to the Hideaway Hotel and Restaurant ... you can not only dine here, but stay here as well

Hideaway Hotel & Restaurant is 1.7 miles high up above Prattsville, on Greene County Rte 10, with stunning views of Catskill Mountains. 
Our Restaurant serves gourmet German & American dishes.
A small hotel near our front door

You can stay in one of our self-contained cottages (right)
You can stay in our secluded cottage

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The Stuppert Family & Donisan Family wish you a Herzlich Willkommen.

We have modern bedrooms and facilities.  Hideaway Hotel & Restaurant, overlooking the beautiful Catskill Mountains. 
Bedrooms are immaculately clean ...   ... and very comfortable
 More rooms are in this annexe  ... here is one

Hideaway Hotel & Restaurant
4929 Washington Stret
(County Rte 10)
1.7 miles above Prattsville
Tel. 518-299-3616
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Sitting room in the main building near the restaurant Hideaway Hotel is a great place to stay, but you can also come just for a meal

Please visit the Zadock Pratt Museum while staying at, or dining at, the Hideaway Hotel & Restaurant.

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