Christmas Bulletin - Boletín Navideño

Family Cernikovsky, Duncan, Moran, Orantes

Navidad 2021


Welcome to Vidanta Riviera Maya.  Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!  


Lorraine and Tomas are in Apt. 2091, Mayan Palace No. 8

Gina, Ashley and Joshua are in Apt. 1063, Mayan Palace No. 6

Estuardo, Dianita, Daniela, Alexandra and Isabel are in Apt. 2118, Mayan Palace No.10

Fernando, Mely, Irene & Ariana are in Apt. 3138, Mayan Palace No.12

Dinners together that Lorraine and I are inviting you:

Wednesday 29th, Restaurant "GONG" at 8 p.m. for 14 persons.   
Some good photos here ... please send me yours!
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Vidanta Riviera Maya ... Christmas 2021
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Playa del Carmen
Have a good trip back home!



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