Visit the Great American Supermarket - we are next door to the Pratt Museum

Prattsville Supermarket

Main Street, Prattsville, NY 12468     Tel: 518-299-8581

Visit Pratt Museum ... we are next door to Great American

Hi, I'm Jim Eisel

"Hi.  I am Jim Eisel, owner and manager
of the Great American in Prattsville"

Great selection for your trip to Prattsville and Northern Catskills

" Please join me here for a brief virtual tour of the store.
  I am looking forward to saying hello on your next visit."

The store is spacious and parking is easy

"We have plenty of parking space next to the store and if you just need to run in for a quick purchase, you can park right in front."

T-shirts ?

"You will find fresh produce, a great meat section, a deli counter, a walk-in beer cooler, a newly expanded freezer section ... "

Local supplies, T-shirts, as well as full line of groceries

" ... we even have Prattsville and Catskills T-shirts ..."

With my staff, we will look after you when you visit

"... and our friendly staff make sure the store is clean, everything is fully stocked up ... and that you get first class service."

We look forward to serving you on your next visit to Prattsville.    Please look for our weekly special offers.    We are open every day, except Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Monday - Saturday 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Sunday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. ................................

Please visit the Zadock Pratt Museum while shopping at the Prattsville Great American  .... it's right next door !

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21 February, 2019

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