Bald Mountain Tree Farm for trees up to 16 Ft

Bald Mountain Tree Farm

Box 133B2 - Windham, N.Y. 12496  Tel: 518-734-4388   

Rt 32C -  Please look below for a map of how to get here.

Visit Pratt Museum in Prattsville

Click here to make the photo larger - our tree farm is very large indeed.

Enjoy the tradition of choosing and cutting your own Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees to 16 ft !!!

Wreaths to 48" - Fresh Garland - Christmas Greens

Click here to make photo larger - Bald Mountain Tree Farm in the foreground, Ski Windham behind us

Member, National Christmas Tree Association


... follow the signs to reach us ... look at the maps below

We look forward to your visit to get your Christmas tree !!!

Bald Mountain Tree Farm

Open weekends 
from 9 a.m. 
until dusk, 
by appointment

  Get wreaths, garland, tree stands ...

How to get here - local roads: 
click for a detailed map !!!  
Print it out.  

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Bald Mountain Tree Farm & Nursery

Please visit us to get your Christmas tree !!

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How to get here: Greene County roads: click for a detailed map !!!  Print it out.  
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Please visit the Zadock Pratt Museum while shopping at The Bald Mountain Tree Farm ... just a few miles south-west on County Rte 10.  Do you know how to get to the Pratt Museum ?

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