May - June 2007 - Antigua - New York - Mexico trip


Click here to view the May - June 2007 photos of our trip from Antigua to Rochester, NY, and back via Houston and Mexico
Click here to see all of our photos, of the trip to New York and back via Mexico.  These are the ruins of Palenque.
Villahermosa, in the Maxican state of Tabasco ... 3,000 year old Olmec heads

Agua Azul waterfalls, in the state of Chiapas, near Guatemala

Return from the 8,000 mile round trip, with two cars, at the back of our Antigua house.

Click to see a photo album of our trip ... 5 days driving 4,000 miles north and 10 days driving the 4,000 miles back, the return with Nancy and David

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